Continuing Education

I believe in constant learning.  I feel the best step to solving large-scale technical problems is knowing enough about every pertinent industry to be able to make important connections.  Below is a list of the books I’ve consumed over the past couple of years, in order of most recent to oldest.



Clockwork, Revised and ExpandedMike Michalowicz, Gino Wickman – foreword
Homo Deus: A Brief History of TomorrowYuval Noah Harari
SapiensYuval Noah Harari
Fix This NextMike Michalowicz
How an Economy Grows and Why It CrashesPeter D Schiff, Andrew J Schiff
The Myth of CapitalismJonathan Tepper, Denise Hearn
A Brief History of JapanJonathan Clements
Anxiety as an AllyDan Ryckert
New Sales. Simplified.Mike Weinberg
The Alchemy of FinanceGeorge Soros
The Internet of MoneyAndreas M. Antonopoulos
The Longevity SolutionDr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Jason Fung
Skin in the GameNassim Nicholas Taleb
Sales EQJeb Blount
Self-DisciplineIan Tuhovsky
Ninja SellingLarry Kendall
For the Love of SoilNicole Masters
How to Persuade and Get PaidPhil M. Jones
Dirt to SoilGabe Brown
The Science of Sci-FiErin Macdonald, The Great Courses
Nine Lies About WorkMarcus Buckingham, Ashley Goodall
The Road Less StupidKeith J. Cunningham
The Science of Self-DisciplinePeter Hollins
Machine, Platform, CrowdErik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee
Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better YouPeter M. Vishton, The Great Courses
Stop People PleasingPatrick King
Why You Are Who You AreMark Leary, The Great Courses
Weapons of Math DestructionCathy O’Neil
Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success in LifeBenjamin Smith
The Automatic CustomerJohn Warrillow
The Art of Selling Your BusinessJohn Warrillow
15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time ManagementKevin Kruse
The Power of Positive LeadershipJon Gordon
Trading in the ZoneMark Douglas
Built to SellJohn Warrillow
Black Holes, Tides, and Curved SpacetimeBenjamin Schumacher, The Great Courses
Breaking the Chains of GravityAmy Shira Teitel
Actionable GamificationYu-kai Chou
The DipSeth Godin
Stress and Your BodyRobert Sapolsky, The Great Courses
Build to LastKeith Callahan
Power MovesAdam Grant
Failing UpLeslie Odom Jr.
Understanding the Mysteries of Human BehaviorMark Leary, The Great Courses
Scaling UpVerne Harnish
Rewire Your Anxious BrainCatherine M. Pittman PhD, Elizabeth M. Karle MLIS
This Is MarketingSeth Godin
The Ideal Team PlayerPatrick M. Lencioni
Leap FirstSeth Godin
The New New ThingMichael Lewis
The Psychology of SellingBrian Tracy
How to Own Your Own MindNapoleon Hill, Don Green – introduction
How to Get and Stay MotivatedGrant Cardone
The ONE ThingGary Keller, Jay Papasan
On FireNaomi Klein
PropagandaEdward Bernays
The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg
Tribal LeadershipDave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright
Think. Do. Say.Ron Tite
99% TruePaul McGowan
The Greatest Salesman in the WorldOg Mandino
The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation WorksShinzen Young
FreakonomicsSteven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
Crossing the ChasmGeoffrey A. Moore
SprintJake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz
The Lean StartupEric Ries
Lost and FounderRand Fishkin
The Toilet Paper EntrepreneurMike Michalowicz
Secrets of Sand Hill RoadScott Kupor, Eric Ries
The Elements of Thinking in SystemsAlbert Rutherford
The Psychology of SellingBrian Tracy
Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, RepeatDavid M Greene
UpstreamDan Heath
The Coddling of the American MindJonathan Haidt, Greg Lukianoff
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckMark Manson
FAKERobert T. Kiyosaki
Collaborating with the EnemyAdam Kahane
Millionaire Success HabitsDean Graziosi
Systems Thinking and ChaosAlbert Rutherford
The Systems ThinkerAlbert Rutherford
Brief Answers to the Big QuestionsStephen Hawking, Eddie Redmayne – foreword
Expert SecretsRussell Brunson, Robert T. Kiyosaki – foreword
The Art of Thinking in Systems: Improve Your Logic, Think More Critically, and Use Proven Systems to Solve Your Problems – Strategic Planning for Everyday LifeSteven Schuster
Systems Thinking for Social ChangeDavid Peter Stroh
Never Split the DifferenceChris Voss
Thinking in SystemsDonella H. Meadows
How to Make Sh*t Happen: Make More Money, Get in Better Shape, Create Epic Relationships and ControlSean Whalen
The AlchemistPaulo Coelho
How to Be an Imperfectionist: The New Way to Self-Acceptance, Fearless Living, and Freedom from PerfectionismStephen Guise
The Power of VulnerabilityBrené Brown
Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and ResponsibilityPatty McCord
Why We SleepMatthew Walker
Why the Rich Are Getting RicherTom Wheelwright, Robert T. Kiyosaki
Understanding JapanMark J. Ravina, The Great Courses
This I KnowTerry O’Reilly
TribesSeth Godin
The Clever Gut DietDr. Michael Mosley
LifespanDavid A. Sinclair PhD, Matthew D. LaPlante
Genius FoodsMax Lugavere, Paul Grewal
Deep MedicineEric Topol
All Marketers Are LiarsSeth Godin
Unfu*k YourselfGary John Bishop
Civilized to DeathChristopher Ryan
Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t KnowMalcolm Gladwell
So You Want to Talk About RaceIjeoma Oluo
Prediction MachinesAjay Agrawal,Joshua Gans,Avi Goldfarb
Brands and Bulls**t.Bernhard Schroeder
Everything All at OnceBill Nye
Poke the BoxSeth Godin
Life 3.0Max Tegmark
The Tao of PoohBenjamin Hoff
BluefishingSteve Sims
How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital AgeDale Carnegie & Associates
SuperintelligenceNick Bostrom
The End of IllnessDavid B. Agus
SelfieWill Storr
Hacking DarwinJamie Metzl
Anthropology and the Study of HumanityScott M. Lacey,The Great Courses
InnateKevin J. Mitchell
How to Build a Thriving Workplace: A Leader鈥檚 GuideBeth Cabrera,The Great Courses
How Soon Is NowDaniel Pinchbeck
Social IntelligenceKarl Albrecht
Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His FerrariRobin Sharma
The Crowd: A Study of the Popular MindGustave Le Bon
The Elephant in the BrainKevin Simler,Robin Hanson
Building a StoryBrandDonald Miller
Who We Are and How We Got HereDavid Reich
SlowBrooke McAlary
Zero to OnePeter Thiel,Blake Masters
Understanding Imperial China: Dynasties, Life, and CultureThe Great Courses,Andrew R. Wilson
Work StrongerPete Leibman
Capitalism vs. Socialism: Comparing Economic SystemsThe Great Courses
The RainforestVictor W. Hwang,Greg Horowitt
Sci-Phi: Science Fiction as PhilosophyThe Great Courses
Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media ManipulatorRyan Holiday
21 Lessons for the 21st CenturyYuval Noah Harari
The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That LastsGary Chapman
MisbehavingRichard H. Thaler