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Custom Software Development – Windsor, Ontario

perrimed custom software development windsor

Perrimed required a Course Management Software Solution that would allow their instructors to create and manage every aspect of their classes.  Course creation, class management, scheduling, tacking, analytics, and file management were all a part of this deployment.

choreseek custom software development project windsor ontario

Choreseek’s mission is to change the way homeowners and household service providers interact in the market place. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for home and business owners to make the perfect match. Users have instant access to local service providers offering a variety of skills as well as ratings, reviews, and a secure payment system.  The platform also serves an incredibly useful tool for service providers to leverage in taking their business to the next level. Choreseek is the perfect solution for finding the best help available!  This was a custom software development project managed entirely by McMahon Group.

Branded as

shear on demand lawncare custom software package

When we describe Shear to our friends, we usually hear “Oh, so it’s like Uber, but for your grass”. Which is sort of accurate. is a website that create’s a link between lawn care service providers, property maintenance professionals, and people who need their grass cut. They make it easy for you to post what you need, and for workers to get the job done. They have a two way star rating and review system, which means both the service providers and the customer get to leave reviews and comments. When your request is complete, both parties rate each other, leave reviews, and the listing is archived.

Sutherland Global Services

In-house Hourly Services

Our team developed software in-house to manage Human Resources, Payment and Vacation Scheduling for 1000+ global users.

Russel A. Farrow /

In-house Hourly Services

McMahon Group worked on a 2 year project to automate all the client reports for this logistics company. The job that previously required an entire team was fully automated.

ABL Customs

In-house Hourly Services

The scope of this particular project was to automate the sending and receiving of paperless documents to various Canadian/American ports. Our team has vast knowledge of customs and international logistics which gives us a great advantage with requests like this.

mcmahon group custom software development windsor