Architect / Developer Digital Audit

Brand Name: Little Houses


CraftBrewery – Company name redacted, this is a pseudonym.


Analytics and Digital Branding Set-up
Social Direction & Strategy
Active Marketing Strategy

What to expect

The strategy outlined below takes a systems approach to your online brand.  There is a lot that needs to be done across various platforms in order to get them to start communicating in unison.  Our first step is to address the website itself by setting up the protocols that allow us to track and monitor users.  Once this is done we need to create and modify information within the website itself.  This is so that Google and other search engines recognize all the information the way you want them to.  These bits are outlined in the Analytics and Digital Branding Set-up portion of the strategy outline.  At this point our website foundation has been poured.  We’re ready to connect the rest of our strategy. For social media this means creating content that pulls users to the website as well as nudges them to interact with our content.  As we discussed, every time this happens we retain that user information in our Facebook audiences.  This is the modern equivalent of a phone or email list.  We can use this list on every campaign we run while tweaking and customizing it along the way.  We will be creating target zones and areas as well to target users geographically. This is a long-term strategy that improves as it gains more users and insight.  Coupled with an AdWords strategy and tracking cookie, we convert Google search users to Facebook marketing targets.  This strategy creates a cascading effect that increases ROAS as we go.  Our goal is to create a full loop that keeps our target clients in the active marketing stream.

Analytics and Digital Branding Set-up

We need to install all the appropriate code/scripts to begin tracking, followed with active monitoring and modification as we move forward.  The analytics strategy below is fairly comprehensive and should be carried out in full.  This is the recommended deployment, modifications could have adverse effects on the overall strategy.  We need to be able to track everything in order to make appropriate changes. The website is currently being built, so we’re essentially starting with a blank slate.  Which is good in many cases.  We spoke about creating blog content, so we would lean heavily on the stories you are looking to tell.  We will use these stories to focus specific keywords that benefit our SEO strategy.  These posts will be shared across social media, and used in our active marketing campaigns.  Relevant content will benefit us the most.

Social Direction & Strategy

Your social media is currently being run fairly well.  The content is relatable, and eye catching.  You have over 5k followers on Facebook which is great for our location.  Posts are appropriate for this platform, being used to inform as well as interact with followers.  The instagram account needs a little bit of attention though.  We need more daily content.  You guys have a lot going on, a lot of building and a lot of content opportunities.  These moments need to be seized, and utilized more efficiently.  You’re already busting your ass renovating, you should get more return on your time by sharing the moment with others.  I would think about hiring someone to follow you around a couple times a week to shoot content and media.  You mentioned that you guys could cover all of this, so there’s nothing I feel I need to do aside from account monitoring and strategic analysis.  This pretty much means I will watch all the social media accounts to track the efficacy of the strategies we are running so we can take the appropriate course of action.  I need to create and go through the reports as well as overlay the strategies we are running.  Once this is complete, a direction needs to be discussed and implemented.  In our meeting we discussed that creating stories and informational videos about the beer would be the best course of action.  So long as we stick to this, I feel we can make a huge impact with our content.

Active Marketing Strategy

In our meeting you mentioned that our goals would be to have active marketing campaigns for:


  • Beer Sales ( Bring people to your physical location )  – Local ( Windsor/Essex )
  • Online Sales – Ontario
  • Monthly Beer Box Registration – Ontario

We discussed rather than creating typical ads, we would use our stories, blogs, and videos as the creative for our ads.  We want people to learn about the brand, the beer, and it’s connection to other people and communities.  We want to show how connected everything is.  Coupled with the brewing information videos that showcase the delicate intricacies of the craft, we have all the hard hitting content we need.  All we’re doing is documenting the process and connecting with our followers.  Paired with an active tracking and re-targeting campaign, your potential clients can be accessed at any time with future campaigns.  When they are ready to buy, that trust barrier has already been lowered.  With an added layer of Google adwords, we capture them on multiple levels and keep them in our marketing funnel until one of our ads resonates with them.  Our goal is to keep everyone tagged and targeted as we release media.  We discussed location based targeting as well, so that will be taken into consideration.  It is important to note that the quality of your ad content is very important.  The pricing listed below does not include creating the ad creative itself.  That is quoted on a per-job, basis depending on the content needed.  The pricing below also does not include Ad Spend, the money going directly to Facebook to cover the ad cost.  The price below is to have us manage the campaign, where we would hire someone to create the content, and allocate the necessary budget while creating and maintaining audiences.  That being said, you mentioned you can create all the media in-house, so we don’t need to intervene here.  For the Beer subscriptions, we will need some eye catching content that follows some minor guidelines in order to get the best ROAS.  If you can create the media for this as well, it can be included in what is listed below.  We should collaborate on this in order to get the best content while following the strict advertising guidelines.