Product Design

Automotive Shift Bushing Kit

This project involved reverse engineering all the bushings in the engine and interior sections of a 2001 Volkswagen Golf.  These were printed in Nylon and Carbon Fiber Reinforced filaments to mimic a tight OEM feel.

IoT Device Protyping​

This is a waterproof outdoor prototype system we designed to test our IoT devices.  This houses many of our projects and uses a printed casing for microswitches as well as TPU gaskets that reduce the overall cost of our deployment and testing.  Our current deployment uses LoRa sensor technology to act as a low power trigger device, notifying the client when pest management traps are triggered.

Payload Delivery System for a DJI Air 2s

Used to survey and deploy sensor arrays, this system was specifically created to be easily 3d Printed without requiring any special manufacturing processes.  This design can be reproduced at scale for very little capital.  The large capacity drum rotated to deploy a payload up to 400 grams.