BloggAPI – SEO Optimized A.I. Content Generator for creating content scaffolding on new web deployments.
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This API is rate-limited.  If you’re interested in mass publication, please Reach Out.  There’s no limit to the amount you can run.

This content scaffolding is worded to avoid content bot detection rather than readability so that users are not penalized by search engines for publishing content outlines.

Credits are charged per blog section. If you request 2 blogs with 6 sections and no modifier, you'll be charged for 12 credits. If you add a modifier to that, it doubles because it re-writes everything, and your total would be 24 credits.

  • Internal Linking
  • List Creation & Insertion
Install these plugins: 
  1. JWT Authentication for WP-API
  2. WordPress REST API Authentication
Create an "Author" user on your WP site Fill out the WP information before you press the [Submit] button above URL Should look similar to this:

Setting up Plug-ins
Sending Request

Yes.  Fill out the form fields and hit submit.  That's the same information you'll use for a GET request with any popular coding language, or even your own website.  Just make sure you have credits and the proper credentials are in.